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What is power washing?

Power washing uses pressurized water to clean mold, algae, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants from outdoor surfaces. Pressurized water generates more force that effectively removes stubborn dirt immune to traditional cleaning methods. Power washing vs. Pressure washing Power washing is also called pressure washing. However, some professionals make a subtle distinction between the two. According […]

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Cleaning windows after the pollen season

Windows allow the entry of natural light indoors, thereby enabling occupants to enjoy the views of the environment. But more importantly, windows allow all of that while filtering out grime, dirt, pollen, and allergens that float in the air. After the pollen season, the accumulation of pollen has several undesired effects. Some of which include: […]

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open house tip

Getting ready for open house

Getting ready for open house? Have your window and gutter cleaning done by our professionals. When preparing to open your house, you have to do a lot of cleaning and maintenance in the house, and an important place to clean is the gutters.  Unclean gutters are not only a cause of disease and organism infestation, […]

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Power Washing your Siding After the Pollen Season

The pollen season is a great time mostly to plants and nectar-sucking insects. It is a time where pollen grains are abundant in the environment. It is also a season of vulnerability to human health; as a catalyst for some respiratory issues like asthma or other respiratory-related allergies,  Pollen grains are very important in pollination […]

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Clean Windows Prevent Glass Degradation

Hard water and acid rain can cause a buildup of debris on your window… When we talk about hard water, we do not refer to ice; in fact, we are not talking about the texture or the strength of the water. Hard water is water that contains high amounts of dissolved inorganic minerals like calcium, […]

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