Cleaning Your Windows and Screens After the Pollen Season

window washing

The windows are the eyes of your house; they usher in light into your home and offer you all forms of sightings from your home. But that also means the window is a kind of filter for all forms of grime and dirt that float in the air. Most of these grime and dirt that float in the air usually end up settling on surfaces all around the homes; the porch, roof, windows, etc.

Proper maintenance of the window by cleaning and washing is of utmost importance because of the following reasons.

It ensures proper visibility from your windows 

Through the window screens, we can observe our immediate external surroundings without being outside the property. If the window is stained by pollens and other grime, the window screen would continually produce gray and unclear images of the surroundings.

Improves the quality of air that enters your home

For healthy living, the quality of the air we breathe is very important. The air can easily be contaminated by floating pollen grains, which is a major cause of allergies. Cleaning the windows will prevent the migration of these allergies-causing pollens into the home once the windows are opened.

It is a cheaper way to maintain our windows (screen)

Accumulation of pollen grains around the ‘rollers’ of your window can also affect the free motions of the window. The window might become unnecessarily difficult to open, or become stuck. Wiping and cleaning off the dirt will prevent the degradation of the rollers and save you money that would have been used to repair or replace the windows.

Tips For Cleaning After Pollen Season

It is no longer debatable that cleaning of the window after the pollen season is of great importance. While cleaning your window, here are some useful tips to take note of;

Remove the window screen first

If you use a detachable window, then you should remove the window screen first. This will help you reach hidden areas in the window and help you scrub the screen properly. If you don’t use a detachable screen, then it’s all right. Also, use a cotton swab to clean edges of your window

Avoid cleaning on sunny days

You may be surprised at this assertion, but cleaning while the sun shines would allow the sun to dry up your cleaner/ washing mixture prematurely, i.e before it is rinsed off and properly dried. This can cause a bleary pattern on your window screen. 

Use proper cleaning mixtures 

There are lots of cleaning mixtures out there, find a mixture that is suitable for your screen. Though, a simple homemade mixture of detergent and water can do a perfect job

Remove dirt or debris on the window screen before cleaning

Grime or pollen grain that attaches itself to the window should first be wiped off before washing the window, so as not to soil the cleaning mixture. The visible dirt attached to the window can be removed either by brushing them off or by using a vacuum cleaner.

Use absorbent materials to dry the window screen.

Although some people use newspapers in drying their window screens, unused dry cloth or other microfiber materials is better suited for drying the screen. These materials are very absorbent and reusable, so they save you money.  

Finally, cleaning your window could sometimes be a tedious task, especially windows of tall buildings; you could employ a professional to get them cleaned.

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3 Responses
  1. I found it interesting when you said that cleaning a window can be a tedious task. My partner and I have a very big house, so we have a lot of windows. Since we’re busy with work, I think we should look for a window cleaning company that can remove the smudges and water stains from our windows to make them look clean and new.

  2. Thanks so much for talking a bit bout some of the benefits of having your windows cleaned after the spring season. I have pretty bad pollen allergies and I always struggle in the spring. I’ll have to look into getting my windows cleaned regularly so I don’t have to deal with my allergies indoors.