Tricks Of The Trade

Mineral stains, sticker residue and tree sap are the sorts of challenges window cleaning pros encounter every day. Here’s a roundup of some of their tips for ensuring your windows are as clean as they can be:

  • The folks at Windows Cleaning Expert advise it’s best to clean windows on cloudy, dry day. If you try to wash them on a bright day, you may find direct sunlight dries your cleaning solution before you can properly polish the glass.
  • For stubborn mineral stains that won’t budge with regular washing, we suggests wetting the glass and cleaning it with a small amount of nonabrasive cleaner, like Bar Keepers Friend, on a clean, wet cloth. You can also use a solvent such as acetone or mineral spirits on a clean, dry, lint-free microfiber cloth.
  • Simply rub the spots and avoid getting cleansers or solvents on the window frames as they may discolor the finish. Rinse the window and squeegee and the glass twice to remove the residue.
  • Boston City windows cleaning expert  has a tip for spiffing up those hard-to-clean divided windows: Use a hacksaw to cut a squeegee down to size, to fit into the small window panes.
  • Micro-fiber cloths work well for cleaning windows. The windows cleaning expert caution against using fabric softener when you wash these cloths as it will reduce their absorbency.
  • Frosted, film-covered or decorative glass should be cleaned following the glass supplier’s specific cleaning recommendations. Do not use razor blades or other scrapers when cleaning decorative glass.