The Way The Reach and Wash Works

[This method of cleaning windows uses 100% purified water which will go through a filtration process called reverse osmosis. The purified water is then pumped through carbon fibre telescopic poles which will reach heights up to 80 ft (7-8 floors).

One of the main advantages of cleaning windows with this method, is that there are minimal health and safety risks while cleaning the windows. We are also able to access high reach windows without having to hire MEWPs or abseiling methods which reduce the cost of window cleaning for our client

Window cleaning with the reach and wash system is a relatively new way of cleaning windows, and it has revolutionised the window cleaning industry as the benefits outweigh other cleaning methods.


The 100% purified water is excellent for cleaning windows because there is no detergent used which means no sticky residues are left, therefore windows do not soil as quickly and stay cleaner. We will not require an external tap to clean the windows, our vans have purified water containers.

As well as cleaning windows with this system we can also clean, cladding, panelling signs, facia and canopies using the reach and wash system.