Protect your investment property by cleaning the gutters regularly

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters? Do you know that home equity is most Americans’ biggest asset on the balance sheet, often dwarfing investments in savings and retirement accounts? Little wonder home ownership is the core of the American dream.

Wouldn’t letting your priced asset deteriorate if you own a home is unwise? Especially when it involves neglecting the simple stuff, like gutter cleaning.

This post explores why regularly cleaning the gutters is crucial to protecting your investment property.

  • Water damage can be expensive.

Clogged gutters will result in the stagnation of water in the gutter. This stagnant water will weaken the roof and can result in leaks. Water may find its way into the attic through this leak, damaging the insulation and wooden structures.

Clogged gutters can also result in overflowing water that finds its water into the foundation, weakening the structural integrity of your building. If left unattended, this may significantly increase the risk of collapse.

  • Clogged gutters attract wildlife.

Wild animals are always looking for a suitable place to reside, preferably close to humans, so there’s easy access to food. A clogged gutter is an excellent spot for all pests, including insects, birds, and rodents.

Wild critters leave acidic waste that will accelerate the deterioration of your roof. Some, like rodents, will actively chew on roof materials and may find their way into your house, causing all kinds of shenanigans. Wild animals also carry diseases and may pose severe health risks to humans and pets.

  • Repairs can be expensive.

It’s always easy to turn a blind eye to gutter cleaning in the short run. But note that any resulting damage reduces your home value. To improve your home value again, you’ll need to perform the necessary repairs, which can be expensive. That’s why nothing beats proactively cleaning your gutter as a maintenance routine.