Job Description

External and Internal window cleaning job for private house ownoer in Newton. It took us four hours to complete the job, clean after and collect our equipment before we headed to the new location.

ClientPrivate house owner
JobExternal/ Internal

Corportate Identity

We are alway very carful whin inside the house an we never leave mess after us. We remove flowers from the windows, clean the frame, rubber sills and after the job is done we place back every itim on it’s place.

Removed Screens

A beautiful howse in Newton area cleaned in about four hours by one of our teams. External and internal window cleaning.

Cleaned External

We removed screens, and cleaned them, we cleaned externally and internally and dried all from inside and outside.

Cleaned Internal

After window cleaning we attached back the screens and the project was completed. House looks much birighter. The howse owner seems to be happy.

Job Well Done!

Owner is happy, and we are happy. We are looking forward for next appointment.