Project Information

External window cleaning job of a 6 storey appartment building on Dorchester road in Boston. Three teams. two days to complete. Result- happy client and we are happy.

ClientPrivate Investor
JobExternal Windows

Dorchester Place

Investor called Windows Cleaning Expert to do external window cleaning service of block of appartments. We were happy to do job for this person and we infolved three team to complete the job in two days. Our reach and wash system allowed us to clean the windows on all floors without any special havy equipment.

External Window Cleaning

When a potential customer calls about window cleaning, you now have the opportunity to provide prices for pressure washing as well. Relatively small jobs frequently transform into larger, more lucrative projects, with the side benefit of less time being spent in travel and more time spent in productivity. Additionally, since window cleaning is generally scheduled on a more regular basis than pressure washing, the company tends to stay in closer contact with its clients, affording additional sales opportunities.

And We Did the Gym

First, pure water is, well, pure. It does not get any purer than…pure. Therefore, there is no inherent advantage to cleaning with water that has been purified by a more expensive system. In fact, when space is a consideration (which is often the case in a vehicle full of pressure washing equipment), producing pure water with a small DI tank can preserve space and eliminate the need to have a vehicle dedicated to window cleaning. With so many choices, how will you know which one is right for you?

Another Happy Client

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