Getting ready for open house

open house tip

Getting ready for open house? Have your window and gutter cleaning done by our professionals.

When preparing to open your house, you have to do a lot of cleaning and maintenance in the house, and an important place to clean is the gutters. 

Unclean gutters are not only a cause of disease and organism infestation, but they also lead to structural degradation of the house. Clogged/damaged gutters will eventually lead to leaks and cracks in your home, and will reduce the value of your home.

Also, no one wants to buy a house that looks so abandoned and decrepit; this is what a house with an unclean gutter looks like

Here are reasons to employ our professionals to clean your gutter

Dirty gutters are also an eyesore to the public and can make potential buyers disinterested in your home. Employ us to clean your gutters because;

Safe cleaning practice

Cleaning your gutters is not as easy as it sounds, climbing ladders, using pesticides, working at heights are risky jobs. Getting injured when you are about to open your house might not affect the whole process. This is why you need to employ a professional cleaning service to clean your gutters for you. 

Efficient and professional

Professional cleaning service not only cleans out your gutter but will rid it of pests and repair worn-out joints/pipe in the gutter. We have all the tools and expertise required to do neat and professional work on your gutter.

Saves you cost

Most times homeowners replace the whole gutter/spend on the wrong thing unknowing that a simple clog might have been the reason for the blockade. Engaging a professional cleaning service will save you all the troubles and costs by simply ‘handling’ your gutter in one visit, plus they will give you helpful tips on the maintenance.

Rids the gutter of infestation

Most harmful organisms thrive in filthy regions like; clogged gutters, stagnant waters, and the rest. And these aren’t pretty sights for buyers checking out your home. Professional cleaning services will help rid your house of the infestation and clear the gutter paths efficiently.

Saves you time and stress

Time is very important, especially when you are getting ready to open your house. Spending time cleaning up the gutters yourself is very time-consuming (not to mention risky too). You can spend that period focusing on other aspects of the house or your job. 

Avoid gutter dams/lakes

Water, debris, grime storing up on your gutter way is a terrible and repulsive sight. It is why gutters must be ‘free’ and clean. Stagnant water along gutter paths will become smelly and sickly and attracts all form of insects and pests, plus it will start seeping into the structures of the house.

Wrapping Up

When opening your home, there are a lot of things potential buyers should not have complaints about, and one of them is your gutter. Most of the time, many damages in the house are a result of faulty/leaky gutters. So, your gutter must be thoroughly cleaned/repaired before you open your house. 

Potential buyers/agents are impressed by clean and healthy homes (which involves the gutter).