Cleaning windows after the pollen season

Windows allow the entry of natural light indoors, thereby enabling occupants to enjoy the views of the environment. But more importantly, windows allow all of that while filtering out grime, dirt, pollen, and allergens that float in the air.

After the pollen season, the accumulation of pollen has several undesired effects. Some of which include:

  • Reducing visibility from your window

With stains of pollen and other grime on your window, your window visibility becomes blurred, creating unclear images of your surrounding.

  • Reducing air quality entering your home

Opening your pollen-stained window can be a recipe for disaster as pollen grains find their way into your house, causing severe allergies.

  • Accelerating window deterioration

As pollen grains accumulate around the edges and rollers of your window, it can cause stiffness, making your window challenging to open. This degradation of your window only worsens with time.

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