Getting Your Gutters Ready For Winter

As days become shorter, cold and wetter, cleaning the gutters is unlikely to be on top of the to-do list of chores. Who would want to leave the comfy warm confines of the couch to go outside in the cold to clean gutters? None. Winter is approaching which means with the entire season of autumn leaves filling up your gutter, failure to remove these leaves might be a very costly mistake you’ll make. Cleaning the gutters is a simple and very important part of maintaining your home hence shouldn’t be neglected.
Gutter systems play a very important role in protecting a home against highly destructive water damages. Weather patterns are unpredictable however winter is the time to keep an eye on these gutters hence it is recommended to make sure that they are ready for winter. This will ensure that the gutters are ready for ice and snow that come with winter. Here are 5 ways through which one can get their gutters ready for winter;

Remove all the blockage clogging the gutters; the first task that needs to be completed before winter starts is cleaning the gutters thoroughly. All debris and leaves should be removed from the system so melting ice and snow would be flowing freely during the winter. You could possibly do this at the end of autumn to do this
Clean the downspouts as well; when cleaning the gutters, do not forget to also clean the downspouts. It is important to ensure that they are also free of any blockages, leaks and cracks. Consider running a hose through them to help check whether there is a blockage, crack or leak.

Check for cracks or leaks; cracks or leaks in either the downspouts or gutters can result into huge problems as water will be collecting in places it shouldn’t. Leaking gutters or downspouts can also cause water to leak into home foundation posing even more damaging problems. Leaks are likely to be found at the joints of a gutter system. In case one is found, use a leak sealer such as Rescue 911 Instant Leak Sealer to get the area sealed.
Set up snow guards; even though not related directly to the gutter system, snow guards are very handy. They help control the flow of melting ice and snow on the rooftop preventing huge snow avalanches from collecting on the gutters which would otherwise damage them due to increased pressure and weight. When purchasing them, ensure you choose the right one that fits your needs

Consider adding extensions; extensions when needed can really be great. Since they extend the length of water flow, they will lead water away from the house which will prevent possible leaks to the home foundation. Opt for extensions that are flexible as they are easy to fix. Moreover besides them coming handy during winter, they can also be used all year round.
You are probably convinced now that cleaning your gutters before winter is something that you need to include in your chores list. It is time to now clean your gutters or else they will clean out your bank!



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